to persist in an idea, purpose or task despite obstacles

The First Tee Core Value: Perseverance golf flag

The First Tee Perseverance Award

This award recognizes when a student displays perseverance in their day-to-day lives. Instructors should nominate students who demonstrate perseverance for this award.

Perseverance & golf

We recognize children who demonstrate perseverance because it is something we instill in our participants. Lessons at The First Tee revolve around Nine Core Values. We recognize perseverance because golf can be a discouraging sport to learn to play. To succeed in golf, players must continue through bad breaks and their own mistakes. Those participants who demonstrate perseverance have much more fun learning and playing the game.

Golf is a metaphor for life. Participants that persevere on the course carry that behavior with them into the classroom and into other endeavors in their life.

participating in first tee

We invite all award recipients to one of our area locations: Heart of America Golf Course, Sunflower Hills Golf Course, Drumm Farm Golf Club, or Hodge Park Golf Club. Award recipients can attend one free session of The First Tee Life Skills Experience. These sessions generally last 6-8 weeks, and meet once per week.

Many of our participants never touch a golf club before starting in The First Tee.  We will provide clubs if needed!

instructorsFirst Tee participants giving High-fives during a round of golf


We encourage teachers to recognize their students for demonstrating perseverance both inside the classroom and out. There is currently no limit on the number of kids each instructor can nominate to receive this award, though they will need to fill out separate nominations for each child. After the end of the school year, we will update this page with award recipients. We look forward to seeing your students out on the course!