Standard Bearers

Being a standard bearer is a privilege and a wonderful way to see professional golf up front and in person.

Are you interested in being a standard bearer but looking for information? A standard bearer carries the sign with each group. The standard bearer keeps the scores up to date which helps the crowd know how the golfers are progressing toward that silver cup at the end! Each golf grouping has an official score keeper who will assist the standard bearer to ensure accurate scores.

Standard bearers should be 12 years or older. They must be able to carry this 20 pound sign for 5 hours. They must be able to handle walking and carrying this sign in the sun and the heat.

A parent can attend the event and “follow” the golfers for whom the child is accompanying. However, they may not walk on the course with the standard bearer. The kids carrying the standard are on the tee boxes, in the fairways and on the greens with the golfers. The spectators are generally on the cart paths.

The First Tee employees will check on the kids throughout the day and ensure they have water and snacks.